Students at Forte Prep develop their character as well as their intellect. From their early morning handshake with the School Leader, to discussions in the morning and afternoon advisories, students practice our school values with support from our staff, and have many opportunities to make their voices heard in their community.

  • School Community Drives to raise money and awareness for causes that students care about.

  • Student Voices in Community Meetings to learn the key elements of Community Meeting proceedings, as well as the use of performance, readings, and shout-outs to other exemplary members of our student body.

  • Local Community Engagement to learn about and attend local civic events such as Community Board meetings. We have established a partnership with Community Board representatives so that students can learn about local government and civic responsibility.

  • Conflict Resolution to learn effective practices in conflict resolution and empathy, and see all negative outcomes of conflict as impactful and harmful.

  • Forte Friends Program to promote social inclusion of new members to our school community. Sixth graders are paired with incoming fifth graders as “Forte Friends”, in a program that blurs the lines between grade levels and is one of many cross-class bonding activities.

  • Student Government to advocate Forte Prep leadership, with the establishment of an active Student Government responsible for organizing school-wide activities.