Forte Prep seeks founders for the Fall of 2017, when our school will open with 90 5th graders. We are looking for results­-oriented, energized, collaborative, and creative professionals who want to engage in the challenging work of growing a school that will prepare students for college and a life of opportunity.

Founding a school is hard work, and we will need all hands on deck to bring Forte Prep's vision into reality. We can't just play the game, we must change the game on behalf of our students, families, and community. Join us.

Our team can expect a robust professional development program to help them become the type of educator or staff member our students need to reach their highest potential. Founding a school is hard work, and we will need all hands on deck to bring Forte Prep's vision into reality.

Our commitments to you are as follows:



Literacy and math are at the heart of a world-class education, open doors to college and lives of opportunity, and therefore underpin everything that we do.

We are committed to excellent teaching and learning. 

High-quality teachers are critical to creating and sustaining a culture of excellence and building academic success for every student, in every class, every day. 



We focus on creative and digital enrichment, remediation, and individualization based on data. We build bridges between where students start and where their greatest dreams lie.

We are 100% committed to promoting diversity in our school community. 

Located in the most diverse borough (Queens) in its most diverse neighborhoods (East Elmhurst/Jackson Heights/North Corona), Forte Prep seeks to reflect and honor the diversity of our community within the walls of our school.

The following opportunities are currently open (active links in green): 

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to and specify the role in the Subject Line.

Join our Board of Trustees

Forte Preparatory Academy’s Board of Trustees governs the creation of an excellent charter school that is singularly focused on this mission: to ensure that all fifth through eighth grade students are prepared to succeed in college preparatory high schools, and to use their leadership and voice to change the world. Our founding Board members must share a commitment to this mission and to the vision of an academically rigorous, structured, public charter school serving students of Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, and Corona in Northwest Queens, NY. Board members must be dedicated, passionate, and entrepreneurial individuals willing to volunteer their expertise, connections, and time to ensure completion of a successful charter application and the ultimate success of Forte Prep in fulfilling its mission.

We plan to grow our board from 8 to 11-13 members by this Fall, and are currently seeking new board members.

Responsibilities of the Board

  • Develop and perpetuate a Board of Trustees to govern the school and maintain accountability for the school’s management team
  • Cultivate community support and galvanize a network of strategic partnerships
  • Oversee progress in the design and execution of Forte Prep’s business plan to prepare the school for sound fiscal health
  • Participate in regular committee meetings for one of the following committees: finance, governance, academic achievement, fund development

Performance Expectations of Individual Board Members

  • Advocate for the mission and vision of Forte Preparatory Academy
  • Capitalize on personal and professional networks for the financial, political, and organizational benefit of Forte Prep
  • Use specific expertise for the benefit of Forte Prep
  • Commit up to 10 hours monthly to Forte Prep-related work, including meetings, calls, and emails
  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the Lead Founder and the rest of the Founding Board

Qualifications of Individual Board Members

  • Belief in charter schools and in the mission of Forte Preparatory Academy
  • Belief that all children can achieve the highest levels of academic excellence
  • Availability to participate meaningfully in the founding process
  • Expertise in law, real estate, financial management, governance, marketing, fundraising, advocacy, community organizing / outreach, or strategic planning
  • Personal experience with entrepreneurship and working in diverse teams
  • Willingness to use personal and professional networks on behalf of the school
  • A deep commitment to improving the quality of education for children and the quality of life for the communities of the Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, and Corona neighborhoods in Queens, NY

If you are interested, please submit your resume and a brief note to A member of our Board will reach out to you if we think it might be a good fit. Thank you!