Why College Prep?

We believe that college should be a real option for every student in New York. We know that college graduation unlocks financial, social, and professional opportunities that are often denied to people in our city, so we want to ensure that every student who graduates from our middle school is on a path to choose and succeed in college if they so wish to pursue that route.

As a result, we start in fifth grade by preparing our students to excel academically and behaviorally for the best public and private high schools in New York and beyond. Not only will we ensure that Forte Prep students will be prepared with the skills and academic habits to continue to work hard and make an impact on their teachers and classmates.

The process of finding and succeeding in the most challenging high school programs in NYC is very complex and competitive. We know that there are many students and families across the city who have been preparing for admission to the most competitive programs. That's why every student will work with our Director of High School Placement and Alumni Success to create a map to college that includes placement in a college preparatory high school program.

We won't stop working hard until every student is on a pathway to success.