Our beliefs

Our beliefs will help us achieve our mission


Every student deserves the opportunity to transform his or her life through college education, and that the journey to college begins in the early years, within a supportive learning environment. 


Exceptional teachers are critical to creating and sustaining a culture of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.


Our school community must be held to the most ambitious national standards, with a distinct and prioritized focus on literacy and math, and we are responsible for developing our curriculum and assessment systems to meet and exceed those standards.


Students equipped with the core knowledge and analytical skills to succeed in college and their communities will emerge as future leaders and responsible citizens. 


Arts and technology learning is critical to inspiring and equipping low-income students with essential skills to transform the 21st century economy. 


No individual within our community can be truly excellent unless we are all excellent. A culture of high expectations for every member of our community undergirds high academic achievement at Forte Prep.


Student success is driven by a rich character education, a deliberate approach to community building, and a diverse array of enrichment opportunities.


The active development of student voice through debate, public speaking, spoken word, and leadership training will prepare students to exhibit responsible leadership and advocacy in their communities.


Families and communities are our partners, who will support and sustain our long-term success. We value regular communication with families, and work alongside them to set the most ambitious goals for students.


A seamless transition from middle school to college preparatory high school requires a deliberate focus on building independent student ability and motivation, as middle school students mature into college-bound young adults.