Now enrolling 5th and 6th graders for the 2018-19 school year!

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Our Mission

Through rigorous academics, quality instruction, and a positive culture of individual and collective responsibility, Forte Preparatory Academy Charter School equips all students in grades 5 through 8 to excel in college preparatory high schools and use their leadership and voice to change the world.


Our Beliefs

All students, regardless of race, ethnicity, home language, or socioeconomic status deserve the opportunity to build and transform their lives through a world-class education. 

Literacy and math are at the heart of a world-class education, they enrich lives and open doors to college and opportunity, and are at the heart of Forte Prep’s curriculum.

Exceptional teachers create and sustain a culture of academic excellence and build success for every student in every class, every day. 

Character education supports students to develop authentic leadership through a dynamic focus on individual and collective responsibility, self-determination and community.

A structured and joyful school environment inspires all members of our community to work hard, be daring, take intellectual risks, and develop lifelong academic habits of success. 

We enrich our students through small group learning and diverse arts & technology programs, expanding their world view and supporting academic success.


Our Promise


We believe in the boundless potential of every student.

We believe education never stops and we ensure our team is engaged in robust and ongoing professional development. 

We provide a safe, structured, joyful school culture across all learning environments.

We believe in performing arts, digital literacy, and supports for all learners across all subjects.

We put more time, attention and support into our students by offering a longer school day and year. 

We develop partnerships with families and provide frequent updates on student growth.

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